Next events:

IoT 2016 - Stuttgart, Germany, November 2016

Partner FIT will be presenting the ALMANAC paper CEML: Mixing and moving complex event processing and machine learning to the edge of the network for IoT applications.

Past events:

IoT Week, Belgrade, 31 May to 2 June 2016

ALMANAC exhibited, demonstrating the ALMANAC platform, focusing on the waste and water management scenarios. ALMANAC was also involved in organising a session related to the Activity Chain 3 of the European IoT cluster as well as co-organising a hackathon.

SIdO - The Internet of Things Showroom, Lyon, France, 6-7 April 2016

ALMANAC will be exhibiting in the Village Alliance Aioti. Visitors can experience the ALMANAC smart city enablers in waste and water applications.

International Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Systems, Hail University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 30 November - 1 December 2015

ALMANAC partners FIT and ISMB present two conference papers; Towards a Federation of Smart City Services and Linked Data Services for Internet of Things at special sessions on Advances on Internet and Web of Things.

Ecomondo - the green technologies expo, 3-6 November 2015, Rimini, Italy

The expo is the largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites. Partners City of Torino represented ALMANAC by participating in and sponsoring the event.
ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform, 21-22 October 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Partner In-JeT made a presentation on connectivity in widely distributed sensor networks in the workshop on 5G connectivity to meet demanding services.
Meet IoT 2015, 1-2 October 2015, Turin, Italy

The focus is on IoT technologies and their impact on daily life. ALMANAC partners ISMB are sponsoring partners and ALMANAC exhibited at the conference.
Workshop on novel M2M technologies and their applications, 30 September 2015, Copenhagen

The workshop which is organised by ALMANAC in cooperation with Telecom Italia and TDC focused on how the telecommunication industry can embrace the opportunities from M2M (Machine to Machine) networks, matching the growing needs for smart city solutions in terms of connectivity and platforms for cost effective development of applications.
FiCloud conference 24-26 August, 2015, Rome

The international conference focuses on the future internet of things and cloud with the aim to promote the state of the art in scientific and practical research of the IoT and cloud computing. Partners ISMB presented a paper with the title: ALMANAC: Internet of Things for Smart Cities.
IoT Week, 16 - 18 June, 2015, Lisbon

This annual event attracts industry and academia from around the world. ALMANAC exhibited, demonstrating prototype outcomes of the project
SIdO, 7-8 April 2015, Lyon

A new event and exhibition dedicated to the Internet of Things. ALMANAC was represented at the exhibition by partners Fraunhofer and Alexandra Institute.
SummIT 2015, 18 March 2015, Aarhus, Denmark

The event unites IT research and business with focus on eight areas including future technologies in smart society. ALMANAC exhibited at the event.
IoT360 conference and hackathon, 28 October to 1 November 2014, Rome

The event focused on IoT-related projects and the path from research to innovation to commercialisation. ALMANAC partners exhibited and organised a hackathon at the event.
Water Ideas 2014 conference, 22-24 October 2014, Bologna

The aim of the conference was to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Innovative Water Networks Management. ALMANAC was represented by partner Telecom Italia.
IFIP Trust Management Conference, 7-10 July 2014, Singapore

IFIPTM 2014 will be the 8th International Conference on Trust Management under the auspices of IFIP - International Federation for Information Processing. The mission of the conference is to share research solutions to problems of Trust and Trust management, and to identify new issues and directions for future research and development work. Partners FIT have submitted a conference paper with the title TrustMUSE: A Model-Driven Approach for Trust Managementwhich has been accepted.
IoT Week 16-20 June 2014, London, UK

The IoT Week is an annual event which attracts industry and academia from around the world focusing on the opportunities inherent in IoT, connecting global business and research communities for collaboration as well as addressing societal and market issues. ALMANAC will be presenting a session with the title: IoT Technologies for Smart Cities: Enabling business and professional services. In the ALMANAC session, participants will discuss the change from technological novelty to prominent business takeover in IoT solutions for Smart Cities and the opportunities as well as pitfalls in this future uptake.
3rd Annual Smart Water Systems Conference, 28-29 April 2014, London, UK

The conference is organised by the SMi Group with focus on initiatives to manage water more effectively by monitoring usage and distribution and detecting problem areas. Roberto Gavazzi, Senior Prduct Leader from Telecom Italia presented ALMANAC in his presentation on ICT for Smart Water Management including the pilot in Turin.
Workshop: Smart Water meters of the future, 31 January 2014, Aarhus, Denmark

The workshop (in Danish) was organised for Aarhus Water and hosted by the Danish Technological Institute with participants from Grundfos, Kamstrup and GreenEnergyOptions. Almanac was represented by the Alexandra Institute. The ALMANAC platform was presented as an open platform enabling different types of services to customers based on smart meter data with the main aim of reducing water consumption and minimising the risk of water damage

The ALMANAC project is co-funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 609081, objective ICT-2013.1.4 'A reliable, smart and secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities'. Duration: 1st September 2013 to 31st August 2016.

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