ICT for Smart Water Management
Posted by on April 29 2014 00:00:00

Partners Telecom Italia  presented ALMANAC at the Smart Water Systems Conference on 28-29 April 2014 in London. Focus was on the deployment of ALMANAC smart city solutions in the City of Torino.

Extended News

The conference was organised by the SMi Group with focus on initiatives to manage water more effectively by monitoring usage and distribution and detecting problem areas. 

Roberto Gavazzi, Senior Product Leader from Telecom Italia explained how ALMANAC achieves this by developing a service delivery platform which integrates a new data communication layer, a capillary network, for receiving and sending data from/to wireless sensors and devices, thus supporting smart city processes.

Deployment and demonstration of ALMANAC solutions will take place in existing experimental test-beds at Telecom Italia premises and in Turin water utility.