What digital services would make your city smart?
Posted by on May 27 2015 11:15:08
Residents from the housing initiative, SHARING, in Turin participated in a workshop on smart city applications for citizens.
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One of the main focus points in ALMANAC is to demonstrate how the ALMANAC platform can engage citizens actively in developing and using smart city solutions.

To collect initial needs and ideas about the design of such solutions, a co-design workshop was organised on 29th April for residents from the social housing project, SHARING, in Turin which offers temporary, energy efficient rental apartments at a low cost and with a low environmental impact.

Several suggestions surfaced as to what an application should ideally feature, including:

- Integrated waste collection support notifying residents about what type of waste is collected when and which waste bins closest by are available here and now. The system also provides information about how to recycle.

- Integrated bike-sharing management system providing real-time information about the availability of shared bikes; automatic reporting of problems with the bikes and integration with external city bike sharing services.

- Issue management system reporting issues arising at building and city level and integrating other relevant data such as the weather forecast and social media.

An important point during the discussions was that even if notifications were useful, too many notifications would be counterproductive. A solution would be to filter the notifications and thereby customise the service to the user's own needs.

The next co-design workshops will focus on prototyping and then evaluating the developed applications.