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Issue #6 published by the ALMANAC project, Reliable Smart Secure Internet of Things for Smart Cities - August, 2016

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Develop IoT applications with the ALMANAC Smart City Enablers

ALMANAC Smart City Enablers provide you with ready-to-use, state-of-the-art tools for developing IoT applications. Enablers can be used standalone or as a platform, supporting scenarios and deployments of different scales: from simple prototypes to large-scale real-world deployments.

The ALMANAC Smart City Enablers provide solutions for recurring problems in IoT development, covering the whole IoT stack, from sensor integration over data analysis and storage to resource management and security.

Applying de-facto IoT standards such as MQTT and OGC SensorThings, our enablers integrate seamlessly with other IoT platforms and applications.

Try it out right now

The ALMANAC consortium has unleashed the full potential of the ALMANAC Smart City Enablers at the ALMANAC Lab. Here you can find further information and links to the dockerized versions of all Smart City Enablers.

All ALMANAC Smart City Enablers are available as Docker containers that allow you to download, deploy and use them in just a few minutes in a truly platform-independent fashion.

Source code

The source code of all components is available on GitHub.

Lab deployment

The ALMANAC reference deployment is available at this link, allowing you to play around with the ALMANAC Smart City Enablers. Explore the interfaces and services offered by our enablers.

Real-world deployment

ALMANAC Smart City Enablers are currently deployed in a case study of improving waste management in the city of Turin, Italy. Fill-level sensors have been installed in underground waste containers, called underground ecological islands, which are placed in areas of the city where door-to-door collection is not possible. The containers have a large storage capacity and serve several households in the area.

ALMANAC Smart City Enablers are used to collect, process and analyse data for the local waste management company, allowing them to optimise their waste collection procedures. With ALMANAC it is even possible to predict the future fill levels of the underground ecological islands.

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